WordPress Certification

If you plan to become a WordPress developer or even build websites based on WordPress, you may be eager to receive the proof of your competence and skills. Although certification cannot beat actual knowledge and experience, it may still be a useful addition in terms of:

  • enhancing CV;
  • meeting official requirements within job application or promotion;
  • making portfolio work for you more effectively;
  • acquiring new skills while receiving certification;
  • testing your existing knowledge, etc. 

What is WordPress Certification?

As you might have already understood, WordPress certification is nothing but a popular way to introduce yourself as a skillful and experienced WordPress developer. Need to say that there is no official WordPress certification, although you can go with third-party training courses. Make sure the potential source is reliable, has a well-established course structure, helpful user support, and professional mentors. 

The typical process of certification is usually divided into two stages:

  1. The course listeners get training classes and a textbook from the accredited coaches. 
  2. The listeners pass the exam at the independent test center. This is an essential part of the process on the way to receive certification.   

Who Can Benefit from WordPress Certification?

Aside from average WordPress users who want to extend their PHP knowledge, become better in WP, and probably grow to a professional developer, WordPress certification may also be useful for both freelance and in-house professional developers as well as web studios. Because “WordPress developer” is quite a vague concept, the skills ought to be delineated. To do this, narrower ideas of certificates were created. They include certificates for:

  • Builder who creates plugins, have basic CSS and HTML knowledge but don’t really touch the code behind the products they are working on. Builders or designers do everything to make the front-end look stunning. 
  • Themer who has basic knowledge of CSS, HTML, and JS, knows how to troubleshoot the issue, and then sends it to responsible expert for fixing. The themer takes the stage between designer and coder.  
  • Developer and the code are inseparable. While providing a clean code, they aim to make the site work fast and smoothly. Aside from building plugins and themes the developers or coders are good at, they ensure the moving parts of the site work effectively. 
  • Unicorn aka Universal Soldier who combines skills of designer, themer, and coder. No one has seen them, but they do exist. Lucky the one who’s got such a specialist in the team. 

No matter what level of WordPress skills and knowledge you have, it is not that hard to get a certification. Remember to choose reliable courses run by professional mentors. 

WordPress Developer Certification at TemplateMonster

TemplateMonster is not only famous for a marketplace with a vast collection of digital products, but it also strives for educating the audience and certifying the partners which is now possible at TM Certification Center. The latter provides courses for beginners who want to learn more about CMS platforms, as well as for developers who want to confirm their skills and knowledge and become a certified TM partner. 

While taking the courses for beginners, you’ll find out more about WordPress, Joomla, PrestaShop, etc., how to install and set up the platforms, improve their functionality with modules, and more. Whereas the professionals will be able to boost their expertise and stay up to date with the latest web design tendencies. We want you not only to improve your skills but also broaden the client database and grow revenue. 

If you are a WordPress developer and want to get proof of your experience, go with free WordPress certification. There are 4 types of certification including WordPress, WordPress Pro, WordPress Elementor, and WordPress Elementor Pro. Take your pick. 

WordPress Courses

You don’t have to take WordPress courses elsewhere to get then certified at TemplateMonster. Everything you need to learn about any of CMS platforms including WordPress is available in the same place. If you’ve ever dreamt to create a unique website on your own, this is a great opportunity to start. TemplateMonster will teach you how to do that within 5 steps. All you have to do to begin the training program is just opt for a WordPress CMS, sign up for a free course, receive letters to your email address for 5 days, and learn information. In our humble opinion, this is enough to get ready for creating a WordPress website independently. 

Below, you may also find the benefits of taking courses at TM:

  • Exhaustive information about website building. 
  • Short, but effective working plan.
  • Ability to create a website based on one of the most popular CMS platforms. 
  • A turnkey business solution. 

Finally, after completing the course, you can get an official proof of knowledge in CMS website development, take a test at Certification Center, and receive an individual e-certificate from TemplateMonster as a confirmation of your skills.

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