PowerPoint Certification by TemplateMonster

A certificate is proof of your skills. However, there is no official PowerPoint certification; that’s why TemplateMonster company decided to help you get a mark of your skills. Pass our test and show everyone that you are a professional developer.

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Certification won’t make you a top PowerPoint presentations maker, so do not stop and constantly work on your skills. If you lack some knowledge, consider applying for a free PowerPoint course.

At the same time, a certificate from TemplateMonster will give a boost to your portfolio. Customers tend to trust digital product makers with skill approval from a familiar company.

A PowerPoint Certification from TemplateMonster will help you:

  • boost your portfolio;
  • create a better CV;
  • find out more about your current skills;
  • and maybe even learn something while passing this test.

What is PowerPoint Certification?

There are no PowerPoint Olympics or competitions to highlight yourself among other web developers. But it is always nice to have some certificate that proves your skills. This is why people pass Shopify courses to get a certificate on successful studying completion. But it takes time.

That’s why we made our one-stage certification program for those who already know how to create a PowerPoint presentation. And since everyone knows TemplateMonster, you can pass our test and get additional proof of your skills.

Who Can Benefit from PowerPoint Certification?

It is quite hard to say who is a true professional is a PowerPoint presentations maker since it doesn’t have some ranks or official education. This is why people who work with PowerPoint need recognition of their skills. Especially those who do not work in a web development company:

  • freelancers;
  • outsourcing specialists;
  • employees of an outsourcing company that works on Upwork or other freelance platforms;
  • an author of PowerPoint presentation templates;
  • and specialists who want to enrich CV with PowerPoint experience.

Our Certification test will show how well you can and work with PowerPoint software. You can make a try no matter what level of PowerPoint skills you have. In any case, we will help you understand the requirements for PowerPoint. And most importantly, how well you match them.

PowerPoint Certification at TemplateMonster

TemplateMonster is one of the top digital marketplaces. We wouldn’t be on top if we simply resell digital products. One of our goals is to provide more education to our clients and developers. We even created the School to help our developers apply and learn. It includes 12 courses, and you’ll have an opportunity to get certification after completing them.

Or you can participate in this one-stage Shopify Certification. Or other our Certifications for Web Professionals.

PowerPoint Test

There are no additional requirements to participate in the Shopify Certification program. All you have to do is press the enroll button and show us what you can and what you know.