Advanced WordPress Certification by TemplateMonster

It is not that hard to be a good WordPress developer nowadays. But it is hard to prove it and present your skills in the best possible way. Our Advanced WordPress Certification is here to help. It will show that you have passed additional testing and everyone has to call you a true professional Developer. With a capital D.

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This Advanced WordPress Certification Program is the next level of your skill check. And we all know that clients prefer developers that have a lot of certificates and experience. This particular Certificate will show that you learned ALL elements of WordPress and your websites always work without issues.

Do not be shy to show this Certificate to your clients in:

  • your CV;
  • a portfolio filled with achievements and projects;
  • freelancer profiles;
  • profiles on your company website and so on.

You can even print it and decorate your working space.

What is Advanced WordPress Certification?

There was a time when our WordPress Certification was enough. But now it is extremely easy to learn how to develop a website on the WordPress platform. And it became hard to highlight your skills and experience. We had to make a new examination that can prove that you are a true professional. And this is why we developed Advanced WordPress Certification.

We all love to collect trophies of our work. And this Certificate will indicate your skill for the client. Your knowledge is all you need to participate.

Who Needs Such Certification?

Since it has the word Advanced this certificate indicates a high level of WordPress skills. It will be useful for:

  • Website theme and template developers;
  • Plugin developers;
  • Freelancers;
  • Outstaffing workers and so on.

And if you want to boost them we recommend you to check out our education courses.  TemplateMonster company wants to help you learn more and successfully pass the examination. Moreover, there are courses for different CMS and you can check them out too.

Yet, if you feel experienced enough to participate in Advanced WordPress Certification then you can do it right away. And even if you fail you will get experience and see where you lack knowledge.

How Good a TemplateMonster Certificate is?

Template Monster is a long-standing brand. It works since 2002 and includes hundreds of thousands of products on its marketplace. And if you spent some time learning about website themes then you definitely know what TemplateMonster is. And a Certificate from such a company will be a valuable addition to any portfolio. Your clients will definitely mention it.

TemplateMonster also provides other Certification programs and you can pass them too if you need an eye-catchy portfolio. And it wouldn’t take more than 30 minutes.

And again there are no additional requirements to participate in this Certification. If you have a skill then you are good to go. So press the Enroll button and get your Certificate!