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A certificate is proof of your skills. However, there is no official PowerPoint certification; that’s why TemplateMonster company decided to help you get a mark of your skills. Pass our test and show everyone that you are a professional developer.

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SEO specialists have to prove that they are well-qualified employees too. But it can be hard since there are no SEO Universities. This is why there are so many private schools, coaching, and online certifications. 

But these courses have to be supported by authority. After all, anyone can print a certificate and sell it. And we are here to provide you with a certificate backed by a trustworthy name.

TemplateMonster is a well-known company in the digital products market. Our marketplace works with thousands of developers and sells myriads of products. Most importantly, our company exists since 2002.

It is easy to get a certificate from TemplateMonster if you have enough skills. Start with a quiz below.


This SEO Certificate is proof of your skills issued by a huge web development company. This is important for employers in IT companies and your future clients on Upwork.

This kind of certificate will be extremely useful for your:

  • CV;
  • portfolio;
  • Upwork profile;
  • other presentation purposes.

Also, when you pass this quiz, you’ll check your skills, and you may learn a few new things.

What is WordPress SEO Certification by TemplateMonster?

WordPress SEO certificate is a document working as proof of your skills. And since you have a certificate, your clients will know that we’ve checked your skills and they can trust you. In any case, the WordPress SEO certification shows that you did your best to prove yourself to win their trust.

After all, there is no certain way to show your professionalism in SEO besides your certificate and a portfolio.

And when you collect certificates, keep in mind that you need one from a reliable company. It has to be well-known with a good reputation, like TemplateMonster. So, if you have other skills besides SEO, you can check some more certification programs.

Who Can Benefit from WordPress SEO Certification Program?

If you start your WordPress SEO career and learn new things, pass our quiz and check your skills. Moreover, if you do not have a big portfolio, the WordPress SEO Certificate will help you find clients and employers. This certificate shows that you know how to make a website fast, well-optimized, and popular. This certificate will be useful for you if you:

  • develop websites;
  • create website templates;
  • want to boost your freelance profile;
  • want to learn how to write texts for websites;
  • want to know how to promote a website;
  • learn how to optimize coding.

And do not worry; our test is not that hard if you’re good at WordPress SEO.

 WordPress SEO Certification by TemplateMonster

If you have ever worked in the digital products sphere, then you’ve heard about TemlateMonster. It’s a huge marketplace. But we also try to educate developers. We have a TemplateMonster School that can teach you about websites, website templates, CMS, SEO, and other useful things. So do not be shy and follow the link to learn more. It may be your chance to gain new skills.

Talking about SEO, this particular WordPress SEO Certification takes no more than 30 minutes.

WordPress SEO Quiz

So, now all you have to do is press the Enroll button to start a quiz. If you pass it, you’ll get a TemplateMonster certificate, and there is no need to get additional courses.