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HTML Certification

HTML is responsible for the location of your texts, figures, tables in the document and etc. This language is spoken by page developers, and in addition to browsers in some way it can be understood by other programmers and developers.

HTML Certification is a great way to test your knowledge of IT. 

HTML Certification is an opportunity to evaluate your skills. 

HTML Certification is primarily the customer’s trust to you. 

HTML Certification is also a huge plus at interviews. In this way, you show the employer the level of your professional skills. 

HTML Certification is a proof of the quality of basic knowledge in the field of web development.

CSS Certification

CSS is a language designed to describe the appearance of a document created using a markup language, such as HTML. We can say that HTML is a body and CSS is a clothing. While CSS defines the appearance of a web page, HTML forms its structure through headings, lists and other similar elements, starting from the beginning of the page – header, and up to its end – footer.

CSS Certification is a verification of knowledge and skills in work.

CSS Certification is a great opportunity to emphasize your professionalism. 

CSS Certification is an opportunity to become a partner of TemplateMonster. 

CSS Certification is the way to success in web development. 

HTML and CSS Certification are needed for: 

  • freelancers;
  • web developers;
  • page makers;
  • web programmers regardless of the preferred programming language (php, perl, java);
  • web studio owners;
  • everyone who wants to know how to create a website.

HTML Certification provided by TemplateMonster

HTML certification from TemplateMonster is a unique project for everyone who wants to test or validate their knowledge. 

The project takes place in two stages. It is training and testing. For the knowledge base, the participant can choose from five content management systems for the site. Namely: WordPress, Joomla, MotoCMS, OpenCart, PrestaShop. Theoretical course before testing is a basic knowledge of the above-mentioned CMS. You will receive lectures for the selected platform. You will also receive additional instructions on how to install and use the templates. After that you will be tested. You are given 20 questions. You should answer them in 2 hours.  Successfully passing it you get a certificate that confirms knowledge and skills in the work of a particular platform.  

You can take the course on each CMS. You get the certificate in electronic format! You can find it in search. To do this, you will need to enter the number of the certificate, your name and the name of the web studio. 

The presence of this certificate gives you the opportunity to place your web studio in the directory of web studios on the site TemplateMonster. 

HTML courses

HTML courses from TemplateMonster are a unique opportunity to learn how to create websites. With TemplateMonster you will learn how to do this in 5 steps. All you need to do is to select a CMS platform, register, receive an email, learn the information, and create your ideal website. 

You can choose a course among:

  • WordPress;
  • Elementor;
  • Shopify;
  • HTML;
  • Design;
  • PrestaShop;
  • Joomla;
  • OpenCart;
  • MotoCMS. 

You will get a lot of useful information and necessary knowledge! 

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