WordPress Certification by TemplateMonster

WordPress certification is nothing but a popular way to introduce yourself as a skillful and experienced WordPress developer. Needless to say that there is no official WordPress certification, although you can enroll to some third-party training courses. Make sure that a potential source is reliable, has a well-established course structure, helpful user support, and professional mentors. Certification from TemplateMonster is a one stage activity, everyone willing can register for free and pass a certification quiz. Quiz is an essential part of the certification process.

HTML5 CSS Certification by TemplateMonster

For most of us a website development starts with HTML5. And it is important to be sure that you know this language well and ready to create new projects. It is even more to ensure clients that you know what you do. This is why we developed the HTML5 CSS Certification Program.

WordPress Elementor Certification by TemplateMonster

If you work with WordPress then you could mention how hard it may be to find a good project. Especially if you are a freelancer. This is why you need certificates and portfolio to prove your skills. And here you can get a WordPress Elementor Certificate.

Advanced WordPress Elementor Certification by TemplateMonster

You have already passed WordPress Elementor Certification and it seems to easy for you? We have made something special for you. It is the Advanced WordPress Elementor Certification program. Its tasks require more skills and such examination will show how well you know all nuances of Elementor Page Builder.

Advanced WordPress Certification by TemplateMonster

It is not that hard to be a good WordPress developer nowadays. But it is hard to prove it and present your skills in the best possible way. Our Advanced WordPress Certification is here to help. It will show that you have passed additional testing and everyone has to call you a true professional Developer. With a capital D.

Joomla Certification by TemplateMonster

Joomla is the 4th most popular CMS. Since its development, it is used mostly to develop portal-like websites. And many online stores use Joomla. You can develop a Joomla website if you know the basis of PHP. Yet, you will need a Certificate that verifies your skills.

MotoCMS3 Certification by TemplateMonster

MotoCMS3 is a website builder that provides you with many options and features. It is most often used for small business websites and photography website. And if you want to prove that you know how to use MotoCMS3 then you have to pass this Certification.